How technology connects with ESG practices: insights from Codepoint's CEO

11 Jun 2024

Discover how technology connects with ESG practices through insights from Codepoint's CEO. Learn how Codepoint helps businesses of all sizes embrace sustainability with tailored digital solutions, collaborative approaches, and impactful projects. Read the full interview to see how your business can become an ESG champion.

As the European Union tightens regulations on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, businesses of all sizes must adapt. Here at Codepoint, we believe technology can help companies of every size embrace sustainability. Let me share a little about how we're making (or trying to make) a difference at Codepoint.

A Green and Digital Vision

First, if you are new here we help our clients build custom software to achieve their goals with technology. At Codepoint, we're all about creating digital solutions that help companies optimize resources, digitize processes, shrink their ecological footprint, and analyze data for sustainable decisions. It's about using technology to make a real, positive impact on our planet, but most importantly enabling people to focus on other tasks that create a higher impact for the business.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Every business is unique, and we get that. Actually, we love that. There’s always more to learn. That's why we customize our services to meet specific client needs, ensuring effective and adaptable solutions. From resource management systems to data analysis tools and educational platforms, we're driving sustainability tailored to our clients’ businesses.

Collaboration and Learning

Continuous learning and knowledge transfer are key to replicating success across sectors. We leverage our experience to innovate and adapt technology for diverse projects, enhancing processes in every industry we touch.

Empowering with Digital Tools

We empower businesses with bespoke digital products, from web and mobile software to business management tools. These custom solutions help businesses boost efficiency, generate more revenue, optimize time, and achieve their sustainability goals.

Partnership Approach

Our collaborative approach means we dive deep with clients, immersing ourselves in their environment and bringing our knowledge to the table too. This deep engagement helps build strong, lasting relationships, with clients often seeing us as an integral part of their team. This is a key aspect of our vision for how we interact with clients and how they interact with us. We are on a common mission and not on opposite sides, as I sometimes see clients and suppliers engage.

Real-World ESG Impact

Our commitment to ESG is clear throughout the company and in the projects we help create: like an app for mental health resilience and a stock management system to cut waste. Operating responsibly and sustainably isn't just talk—it's what we do. These projects show how we use technology with our clients to tackle social issues and improve business processes with our clients.

Looking Ahead

We're not stopping. We're committed to developing impactful projects and our own innovative products. Our goal is to stay at the forefront of tech innovation, supporting businesses in their sustainability journeys. We aim to prove that technology can drive sustainability, turning businesses into ESG champions.

Join Us in Changing the World

Ready to make a difference? Partner with Codepoint and let's transform your business into a force for good. Together, we can create a sustainable future for everyone. Let's change the world—one digital solution at a time.


Check the full interview published in June 2024 by Business and Science Networks here: "Codepoint: digital solutions that help companies to reduce ecological footprint".

Andreia MartinsExecutive Director
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