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CIN - Instagram Filter

IG filters as a marketing technique

CIN - Instagram Filter
IG filters as a marketing technique
UI Design

Well, this is a fun story. As we were discussing business with our client CIN at lunch, _ asked us if we were able to create an IG filter as CIN is a company that brings colours to people's homes and they wanted to bring a bit of color to people's digital life. We had never done that before, but that didn't stop us from trying. That actually seemed like a great challenge and our team loves those. 

So we did our search, did some tests and came up with a great idea. 

We created a polaroid with the question “What is the color of your day?” and colors appearing randomly. Each color was chosen from CIN’s paint palette with its respective code and had a phrase associated with it, for example: yellow - sunshine. 


To create this polaroid we used the Spark AR studio tool. Also, to add movement, we decided to include some of the CIN’s brand icons falling on the background. For that, we started by identifying the face and its movement, adding a transparent background behind the face (so that the CIN icons that were falling would be in front of what was around us). 


We studied several speeds to understand what worked best. After choosing the CIN icons we wanted to use, we created some rules regarding the way they appeared. The sequence and frequency of the generated icons, as well as their position was random, but, of course, always within the parameters established by us, so as not to overlap with the person's face.


With this marketing campaign we helped people to find out about CIN colours’ options while snatching a cheeky smile from users with a happy phrase. The idea behind all this is that colours can change how you feel or make you feel some type of way. The same happens inside your house, on the walls of your room. A simple stroke of color can actually have an impact on you.

This filter was our first for Instagram and Facebook and the process couldn't have been smoother for us. The Codepoint team facilitated the entire process, actively participating and suggesting new ways to improve the user experience. This initiative of ours, which is part of CIN's mission to bring a splash of color into people's lives, couldn't have gone better.
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Liliana Soares
Deputy Marketing Manager
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