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SpormexSmooth event planning
Services:Project Management, UX Design, Development, Maintenance & Support, UI Design
Types of Product:API, Web App
Types of Technology:Mongo DB, React, Node.js


Grupo Spormex creates memorable and professional events and exhibitions for companies. With over 30 years of existence, SPORMEX combines deep knowledge and experience in assembling exhibitions, fairs, stands, tents and events of any kind around the world. It offers varied services such as design, production, stands, carpentry, advertising and photography. 

Challenges and Objectives

The challenge for our team was to create a tool for Spormex that would help them to use and manage their resources (staff, materials and vehicles) efficiently. Nothing works better than an organized company to achieve better results and satisfied clients.



Our client started by letting us into the world of event planning. He explained us that events happen at a certain place and time and everything has to be organized so that the event comes off as planned. To guarantee that and ensure the availability of all resources and materials, the whole process has to be organized in advance.


From the very first meeting our client knew exactly what Spormex’s pain points were:

  • Failure to monitor the quantity of a given resources (e.g. paint cans);
  • Difficulty in managing employee availability;
  • Documentation in different formats (digital and paper) makes communication messy;

After comprehending the clients’ vision and the problems we had to solve, together, we decided to create a web application to meet Spormex’s needs. This all-in-one web app would allow the management of the company’s resources, and, consecutively, it’s stock. 


For this platform we identified two users: the commercials - who can create and change events; and the administrators - who in addition to those features, can add and change employees, as well as manage the company's material, stock and vehicles. 


Visual design wasn’t our main focus, as our goal was to make the process of searching intuitive and fast. As the web app would contain a lot of information, we needed to create well thought-out tabs, search bars and dropdowns to guarantee that they didn’t spend hours looking for something they needed.



Constantly monitoring the quantity and availability of resources can be hard. With so many everyday tasks, sometimes that can go unnoticed and lead to last-minute emergencies. To prevent this we decided to set a limit number for each material. So when the material reaches that amount, the web app would send an alert to tell the admin that it is about to run out.



Managing people and knowing their availability can also get tricky. To make it easier, we developed an alert that covers two scenarios: when a worker is assigned to an event but he’s already taken; or when a worker is on vacation. If the admin is selecting the staff for an event he will get an alert for that. In a market that has no space for errors, we created an error-free strategy!


When an employee is registered on the platform, professional and personal information is required. One piece of data that will be asked is the employee's date of entry into Spormex. Based on that, a colour will be attributed to each worker according to experience, enabling the admin to build hybrid teams.

  • An employee with 2 years or more will be shown in white;
  • An employee with 1 year or more in light red;
  • An employee with less than 1 year and more than 2 months will be shown in red;
  • An employee with less than 2 months in dark red.


That way he can join people with different types of experience so they can learn with each other.


For better organization, we created three types of dates: date of the event set up, date of the event and date of deconstructing. Why, you may ask… Because if a material is needed for an event, but it is allocated for an assembly or dismantling day, they can still use it. Therefore, when organizing things this way a material can be utilized to its fullest. 


After planning every detail for an event, it is possible to download a pdf that gathers all information in a single paper. This enables quick and mobile access to the most important information. The organizer can take it with him to the event to feel more secure and do a quick check of everything on the list. 


With the development of such a smart product we helped Spormex be at their A game and became a synonym to “organization and planning”. Our client was able to obtain a smooth and stress-free experience on planning and execution of its services.

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