Taking employee's empowerment to another level

FlouristerTaking employee's empowerment to another level
Services:Project Management, Development, Maintenance & Support
Types of Product:Web App, Mobile app, API
Types of Technology:Mongo DB, Node.js, React


Flourister is a startup focused on creating sustainable impact through collaborative on-the-job learning for companies. This platform offers a tool to educate people to turn learning into performance. 

Not all companies can afford to use their employees' work-time for participating in training or boot camps. Moreover, it doesn’t always have a practical and long-lasting effect. The objective of Flourister was to create a platform for collaborative learning with digital communities, actionable feedback, personalizable development journeys - accessible to anyone and anywhere.


Challenges and objectives

John, Flourister founder, was looking for a development partner, someone he could rely on to evolve the product to the next level. He already had an app and our challenge was to enhance it technical-wise and to be flexible to launch new features whenever a user's need comes up. 


John has always prioritized user experience from the beginning. Because he knows that the product can only succeed if it was done not only for users, but together with them. So John really focused on studying the flow of the app by doing tons of user testings to mold his UX to the users’ needs and achieve flawless results. 


Mobile App

John already had an Ionic mobile app with few issues when we first met. Usually, before starting the actual work, our team tries to understand not only the briefing of the client, but also long-term product goals and how we can help to achieve them.

After understanding John’s plans to evolve the app's concept and learning more about future features, we came to the conclusion that the current Ionic framework was too limited to fulfill all of the ideas. Together with the client, we agreed that the best solution would be to shift to a different and newer technology. React Native framework was a better fit as it would give us more freedom and flexibility.

When you start a product you should consider not only the current state of things, but think about the bigger picture and what you want your product to become. By investing a bit more time in planning and discussing Flourister, we avoided spending a lot of effort in the future, when the project would be big and successful and changes would “cost” much more.



Web Application

Business to business models have a tendency to need a web app. As most of our work days are spent in front of a computer. The features and structure were very similar to those of the mobile app which allowed us to take great advantage of the API we already had. Information was synced perfectly between the existing mobile app and web app.


Back Office

The back office was a key piece for the continuous improvement and autonomy of Flourister. John as a super admin is able to overview everything happening on the platform: the most important statistics, see all the companies registered in the platform, etc.  

Back office can also be used also by the registered companies administrators to have a more comprehensive view of what is happening. They can manage their employees' learning process: 

  • Add members;
  • Create and monitor the lessons and journeys done by their employees;
  • Have an overall view of the engagement of the activities.



The app was developed in such a way that each employee could learn, gain knowledge and understanding and, therefore, perform. It allows users to put theory into practice by developing competencies. Measuring knowledge through observable behavior, self-assessment, feedback ratings and business KPIs is also a central aspect to the project.


All of us sometimes need a little bit more motivation. That is why the next thing we want to implement is a reward system. Users can achieve their goals and get kudos and badges for them. Kudos works as a tool for an agile methodology. 

Users growth doesn’t go unnoticed to the community! 


Choosing to completely rebuild a mobile app might have looked scary, but we knew it was the best solution. Flourister was able to transform its product into what it is now. As John, we are great believers of continuous improvement, his project is always growing and evolving so it exceeds users expectations and ours too.

John Kuenzler
Codepoint team immediately understood what my goals were for Flourister and advised me on the most appropriate technologies - with more flexibility to grow. From then on they have been my right arm in developing new features and the first people I turn to for advice.
John Kuenzler
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