Unprecedented accuracy in evaluating MMA fights

MMAPPUnprecedented accuracy in evaluating MMA fights
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MMAPP is a startup that is preparing to revolutionize the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, a type of mixed martial arts that combines boxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, muay thai, karate and other fighting disciplines) techniques, providing tools for judges to accurately evaluate and score MMA sport fights, as well as regulatory bodies with supervision and employee training methods.


Challenges and objectives

The aim was an original tool for managing MMA events, with regard to the control and evaluation of MMA fights for judges, through a set of metrics designed to obtain unprecedented control and precision, in order to stand out in the market.

In practice, the application serves for the momentary and rigorous evaluation of MMA fights by judges. Together with the client, we agreed that the most viable solution for this product would be the development of a mobile application. This depends on other different systems (Web app and central app) interacting with each other through a single API. As priorities, the client outlined the UI, general navigation of the application in React Native and the evaluation tool in native code.

Central App

The Central App was designed to work on tablets and serve as a control center during events, interacting directly with the mobile devices of judges and other officials involved.

This allows you to control combat actions in real time, including the beginning and end of each round, pauses in combat and technical decision-making such as choosing the winner by KO, TKO, submission, among others. It also allows the deduction of points, the insertion of notes about the fight, and the recording of the final result. This application is crucial to the workflow of Registrars and other officials directly involved in combat supervision.


How to manage all members and content? Now, the backoffice was already missing. This web platform was developed in React and works as a management and control module for all information consumed by the mobile and central application.

This tool allows the creation and editing of events, the management of members associated with the federation (officials, athletes, coaches, and promoters), in addition to providing tools for validating events and members.

Users can also add and manage clubs within their respective federations, configure registration forms, and control the publication of documents necessary for participation in events.

Furthermore, the Web App offers an overview of the system, including statistics and relevant data for super administrators, administrators, regulators, and those responsible for federations.

History of your career

Recording our work is very important. The app makes it possible to archive the officer's data and career history, thanks to the fixed list of all combats. All fights (the summary of the fight) can be shared on your networks or with your contacts.

Final result

By investing in a mobile application with several features, our client is able to offer its end user the possibility of: carrying out an assessment with precision down to the millisecond, detailing and discriminating all the necessary information; instantly submit your scorecard to the record keeper; archive your data, which you can access later, for assessment and training purposes; and maintain a history of your career.

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