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17 Jan 2022


Many of our employees have Codepoint as their first work experience. For that reason, I thought it would be a good idea to ask them about their expectations and journey so far. Have we met what they expected? Have we exceeded? Stay with us to find out the answers from our employees in the software development department.

Why did you apply to Codepoint

Luís: Because I felt I was ready for a first challenge in the field and after the first conversation with Codepoint, I realized that it was an opportunity I didn't want to miss. Even considering my situation (current web development and multimedia student) they saw potential in me and were available and ready to take me on and mentor me.

Francisco: I met Codepoint’s team at a university event, started a conversation with the representatives, and realized they worked in the web area. I thought it was a super interesting opportunity, so I decided to contact the company and eventually joined. Today I am quite happy that I took the initiative.

Hugo: After finishing my degree I started looking for a job and saw Codepoint’s job offer on Linkedin. What attracted me was the young team and the innovative projects they presented in their portfolio. 

Daniel: What first caught my attention were the tools they were using at the time: react native. I started with an internship and after I finished, both the company and I wanted to keep a working relationship.

Élio: I started by doing a project in an outsourcing format. After that I joined the team, at the suggestion of a friend.


Do you feel like your work is meaningful?

Luís: Yes. I feel that the tasks I assigned to me are relevant and pertinent. I started slowly and with more support in the beginning and today I feel more confident, independent and with more meaningful parallel tasks.

Francisco: The first task I had was to work on the design of Codepoint’s institutional website and I liked it. I believe the tasks I perform are meaningful, but I am aware that because I am still a junior, I am in a learning phase and adaptation process. So I started with simpler tasks, so the team can get to know my work and so I can get acquainted with the working methods and projects.

Hugo: In the beginning the tasks were simpler, as I expected. Right now I am working in outsourcing at Primavera in a reporting project related to marketing, customer and contract management. As I feel more challenged now, because it is an engaging and important project, I feel like my work is more meaningful.

Daniel: Since I started working here my responsibilities have increased and I have been included in bigger projects. But from the beginning I have worked with real projects, which pulled on my skills on a daily basis.

Élio: The first tasks helped to understand the work process of the company, working on different stages of the project. However, shortly after joining, I had the opportunity to work on a new project from scratch, developing a website, with a lot of responsibility in the evolution of the development. I got a good first impression of what it would mean to work in this company.

How do you evaluate your experience so far?

Luís: I feel that since I joined I have grown immensely professionally, my knowledge in the area has increased, resulting in a bigger confidence and ease in performing the daily tasks. The team, besides being friendly, is always available to help and clear doubts, contributing to my growth.

Francisco: It’s been a very positive experience. The way of organizing myself when I had University work was very similar to this Codepoint’s. Small but productive meetings and each member has lots of freedom in their work. There is no boring bureaucracy and the informal atmosphere and freedom exudes confidence in the management of their employees.

Hugo: I have grown exponentially on a professional and personal level. As time goes by I feel more confident in my abilities and performance. What may be a contributing factor is that the team sees its members as humans who make mistakes and learn from them, rather than machines. 

Daniel: I feel that the experience coming from Codepoint pushed me and helped me to work in a team. It threw me many challenges that forced me to research and discover solutions by myself and understand the logic of each project.

Élio: I evaluate it very positively. I do what I like, with a spectacular group. I can't ask for much more.

How motivated do you feel on a daily basis? 0-10

Luís: 8. Motivation can depend on external factors (like emotions) or simply on the tasks of the day. But in general, I feel it's an 8, because I wake up wanting to work and I enjoy what I do.

Francisco: 9. Because one of the most important things at work is getting up in the morning to come to work without feeling like it is a sacrifice... and it's not at all. Both for the team and for the work (especially now that I'm part of one of the biggest projects we have). 

Hugo: Between 8-9. Especially right now that my tasks are quite challenging (e.g. changing some backend applications). But I started with powerbi and reports, which doesn't excite me that much, but I can see now why it's important. It helped me understand the goal of the project I'm working on at the moment. 

Daniel: I only don't give a 10, because I miss working in person - in our office. It means a lot to me because it simplifies a lot when working on new projects, or more complex projects, to ask questions or discuss solutions. This format is more interesting for me. 

Élio: It may depend on the days, of course there are projects and tasks that are more motivating and challenging than others. But taking into account that developing and programming is what I always wanted to do, I rate it with an 8-9.

What is different about Codepoint from other companies? Why would you recommend a position at Codepoint to a friend?

Luís: The strongest reason I would recommend Codepoint to a friend is: the team. The atmosphere that is created here is one of mutual help and fun. We can either be sharing music in Discord or sharing a screen and discussing the solving to a problem. 

Also, because of the quality of the work that Codepoint presents in the developed projects.

Francisco: I think the strongest point, and hard to match, is the internal environment. There is no huge distance between a recent employee and the CEO. Anyone, regardless of their position, is open to talk about any subject with another colleague... or ask questions to the CTO without fear of rejection. Another aspect that differs Codepoint from other companies is that all members have a voice. Everyone's opinion counts and that motivates employees to give more of themselves.

Hugo: Since this is my first job in the field I don't really have a point of comparison. However, I can recognize that because we are a small company, there is greater ease of communication, more time dedicated to learning, and room for career development. I also value the close relationship we have with each other. It is something unusual.

Daniel: Our asset is really the atmosphere: super friendly and even familiar. Also the fact that we work with current tools and whenever possible we try new ones.

Élio: Essentially because of our dynamics, openness to new technologies and search for constant innovation. The atmosphere we have, of course, is hard to match.

In an average week, how often do you feel stressed at work? 0-10

Luís: 0. So far I have never felt this way. My work rhythm has never let me miss deadlines and so I believe I am working as it is expected. Even if something unexpected, that might delay me a bit, happens, I know there is understanding from the company. So I have never had any reason to feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Francisco: 0-1. I impose some rigor on myself and I like to do things correctly. So the only pressure is from me to myself.

Hugo: 0. I don't feel stressed or pressured at all. First, because any difficulty I have, I can ask for support and I know they will help me. Second, as far as deadlines for assignments, obviously they exist, however, I feel comfortable and confident with those as they are realistic and discussed.

Daniel: 0. All our tasks are organized, planned, and discussed in a timely manner, so I have no reason to be stressed. 

Élio: 1-2. Only when there is a more urgent problem that needs immediate resolution, but we are careful every day to make sure that doesn't happen.

Do you consider your opinions to be important to your co-workers?

Luís: Codepoint team has always made it clear that there is room for everyone to have their say and everyone will be heard. We have "discussions" about current topics and we learn a lot from each other. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion, because I know that what I say will not be ignored. If they don't agree with my point of view, they explain it to me, so I am enlightened. 

Francisco: Yes. The environment in the company is conducive to this. There is a constant exchange of ideas and everyone has room to share theirs... From the moment I joined Codepoint, I felt that everyone had a voice on the team.

Hugo: Both internally and in outsourcing, I have felt comfortable to express my opinion or ask questions. When I did, I felt that my intervention was "welcome" and that people like it and make an effort to explain why things happen in a certain way. 

Daniel: Yes, the proof of this is that we constantly change the way we work on a technological and methodical level, derived from conversations and suggestions from the team.

Élio: As CTO, I find that I am open to new ideas, approaches and technologies. My opinions are important to my colleagues because I feel that they come to me when they have any difficulties and vice versa. 

How often do the tasks your "supervisor" assigns you help you grow professionally? 0(never)-10(always)

Luís: 10. Everything I have been taught and shown so far has contributed to my growth since I am constantly faced with new challenges.

Francisco: 10. I am working in frontend, and it is something relatively new. I have often found ways to improve with the experience I gain.

Hugo: 10. Every task introduces something new and I feel that is the best reward for my work.

Daniel: If it was at the beginning I would give it a 10, but after some time and experience there is more component reuse in the development of a website (for example). So at the moment I rate it an 8.

Name one of the pluses of working at Codepoint.

Luís: In my opinion, one of the pluses is the relaxed work environment, which Codepoint provides. That contributes to a sense of well-being and mental health. And the investment that the company has with the juniors they take in: mentoring and training. 

Francisco: The most important one for me, considering that I am starting my professional life is the experience I am accumulating and the personal growth. The security, stability and benefits constantly remind employees that human resources come first.

Hugo: The people on the team are all very approachable and contribute to a healthy environment. The flexible schedule, for example, shows empathy and understanding for outside commitments we may have.

Daniel: The added value is to be in a healthy environment, to be surrounded by people who care about you and want your well-being and growth.

Élio: For me, the added value that the company offers is the relaxed, healthy and lively atmosphere provided by a young and energetic team and the freedom that everyone has to create and innovate.

How likely are you to look for another job outside the company?

Luís: 0. I am very happy with the work and team.

Francisco: Right now it's 0, I want to grow and for me, Codepoint is meeting and exceeding all expectations.

Hugo: As much as I have other offers, right now I feel good and happy here, because there is freedom and room to grow.

Daniel: 0. No other company can offer me something that makes me want to leave. The level of technologies they use, their volatility, the independence and freedom they give me to develop, create a project and have decision power...

Élio: None, because I consider Codepoint as a project almost mine, because I've been part of it since its creation, starting as a developer and growing to my current position, CTO.

Élio MariaCTO
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