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17 Mar 2022


Our purpose as a software company is to develop products based on helping people get the most out of their digital presence. With projects in several countries, we assert ourselves as partners of our customers and ensure that the quality of our software allows us to compete on equal terms anywhere in the world.


Within the subject, we share Spot Magazine's interview.

Technology-people binomial

Is the technology-people binomial the future when talking about technological development? - Without a doubt, we believe that the value of technology is in what it adds to people's lives and hence our focus is on the customers and users of the products we develop.

What are the most disruptive projects you have?

The challenges have been getting bigger and bigger, which is exciting for our team. It's difficult to highlight one, but perhaps the project that launched us at the beginning was the mobile app we developed with CIN. It allows you to identify and test the colours of the catalogue, making real simulations. Alongside this, projects that focus on the digitalisation of company processes, particularly PMEs, have allowed us to innovate and rethink processes in a more optimised way.

How are the projects that you develop different?

In each project, the challenge is to learn the client's business. We don't want to be just another development company, we want to think about software together with the client, to solve their company's and people's real problems. We have a process that helps the team and the client to have a very concrete notion of the project's goals. This dynamic results in clients seeing us as an extension of their teams. We learn about what the client does and deconstruct the processes so they can be automated. We have many examples of this and, increasingly, it is the reason why they come to us.

Is there a fear from companies to bet on technology, for fear of this implying a large number of redundancies?

This question is often raised, but we never use this argument, because we believe it is wrong. We believe that people should spend their time doing what they love and create conditions to work better. A practical example: we developed a web application for a project that basically takes the clients' data and generates all the documents automatically, and then follows-up on the processes. Before, everything was filled in by hand, the probability of error was high and the work was exhausting. The automation of the process allowed our client to gain many more customers, leading them to increase their team in customer support and sales.

Is there already a commitment to internationalisation of the company?

We currently have projects in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States of America. Our growth has been quite organic, through client recommendations, either for outsourcing/nearshoring or product development projects. The affirmation of the quality of software development in Portugal allows us to compete in any market.

How does the future of Codepoint looks?

We want to continue to grow sustainably, with projects that motivate us, so that we can improve the daily lives of people. The people in our team, our clients, their employees and the users of their digital products. Truly, technology from people for people.

Andreia MartinsExecutive Director
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