Running for SME Heroes

27 Apr 2023

"We validated and consolidated the business model and grew 200% with everyone's effort and commitment."

SME Heroes 5th edition

"SME Heroes" was created by Yunit Consulting , a 100% national company, which aims to support companies to make better financial decisions to promote their competitiveness, helping them to make a qualitative leap in their growth. It is focused on generating value for partners and customers through its differentiating skills in supporting Investment and Financing, Tax Benefits, Corporate Finance and Financial Consulting.


We share, below, our story, so you can help us have a real chance to win!

Our Story

Codepoint is a digital product agency that aims to boost and streamline projects and businesses. Founded in late 2020, from Braga, we develop web and mobile solutions, customized to the needs of each client. Essentially, we are a team with a common passion: building products. We have several years of experience in the areas of development, web design, outsourcing and nearshoring. 


We build customized technology solutions from scratch, responding to the needs of each client. This premise comes from the fact that we believe that software has to be adapted to each business, because time is money and good software means happy clients, more control over the business, peace of mind and better results. Who doesn't want that, right? 


We love to be part of the solution, not the problem. We focus on the digitalization of national and international companies, whether large companies or startups, from various sectors of activity. Throughout these years we had the opportunity to work in areas as distinct as education, sports, tourism, paints, events, among others.

The Codepoint team supports companies throughout the entire product development process cycle, from concept to final solutions, taking charge of software architecture, planning, product design, product development, and specialized technology issues. The most creative and original projects, which can be seen as impossible challenges, are a huge source of motivation. 


We started Codepoint in the middle of a pandemic. We were forced to operate in 100% remote mode, which brought us some challenges, but as we face new projects, they were overcome and today represent great advantages for the team and clients. We consider ourselves a company that is not afraid to invest in young people at the beginning of their careers, promoting continuous learning, autonomy and responsibility.

Our values

"Codepoint is a team where each element gives its best to achieve the client's vision". 



Our way of working is based on 4 core values: 

  • Trust - We value a trusting relationship not only with our clients, but also among team members. Everyone knows that their voice is important and that it is always valued.
  • Empathy - Empathy not only with clients and colleagues, but also with users. We believe that only deep understanding and compassion can build strong and lasting relationships.
  • Dedication - Dedication is the reason why people are willing to work with us. We treat every product as our own, that's why everything we do is done with passion, commitment and pride.
  • Flexibility - We consider ourselves flexible individuals, easy to work with - as team members and as business partners. Our passion for new technologies helps us to constantly learn and grow.

We know that software development costs are getting higher and higher, given the competitiveness in the market, but we follow our vision of treating each project as unique and so we try to do things differently. At Codepoint, instead of recruiting a team of several people, the client accesses a talent pool with experience in several areas, which allows him to validate his idea by developing the product in a faster way. 

We validated and consolidated the business model and grew 200% with the effort and commitment of everyone. In 2022, Codepoint was acquired by two of its employees, who were responsible for the operations since the beginning of the activity.

Time to vote!

Did we get the title? Yes, but only with your help!

So far our growth has been entirely organic, spread the word with your contacts if you like/like our team and work! We can almost taste the SMB Heroes title. We've got a real chance at it with your help!


Vote here: 


Thank you so much! Your help makes ALL the difference for a small business like ours.

Sofia MartinsCommunity Manager
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