The World at Your Fingertips: The Impact of Mobile Applications in the Business Landscape

6 Sep 2021

The ownership of smartphones has been multiplying. This can be justified not only by the necessity factor but also because these mobile technologies are becoming increasingly accessible and available. According to Statista, the majority of data, including the internet, is accessed through smartphones and wireless devices.

For a better customer experience, companies see mobility as a game-changer in any type of service. These are becoming another standard component of business in every marketing strategy, considered the best tool for a brand to get closer to a customer.

The power of mobile applications should not be underestimated: custom-developed applications equipped with specific and user-friendly features have proven to have enormous marketing power. Consumers feel good about cooperating daily with their favorite brand persuaded by various available features, from simplified online payment processes and orders to gamification elements and entertainment.

Mobile applications have shown to be a central ingredient to take commercial marketing and sales development strategy to the next level. Companies benefit from the constant interaction of their customers in their apps: through regular purchases, orders, and also through recommending the company to their contacts. Technological evolution makes it much easier for a company to develop and launch an app for its business and equip it with specific features for its target audience.

Is the investment worth it?

The investment in mobile applications is unquestionably rewarding, as companies save time and costs in processes and order fulfillment, receiving vital data and satisfying customer requests.

With the feedback we receive from our clients and from the data I found, I decided to list the main advantages of a mobile application for your business. In order to help you understand how it could be beneficial for your case as well:

Brand Recognition: Engaging customers with the brand's own application is the most viable way to grow the business through brand awareness. Regular interactions and personalized offers make customers feel special and become more loyal and consequently more profitable.


Added Value for Your Customers: Robust applications with greater usability help save time and efforts in processing, shipping, feedback, and sharing insights. In addition, fast-performing and responsive applications make tracking news and updates much more comfortable for customers, thus obtaining better perceptions of the service.


Increase in Sales: A responsive application allows users to instantly use the services offered at any time, from anywhere in the world, and through different devices. They are a direct channel to connect with customers and influence them to buy your products or services.


On-the-Go Marketing: A customized app effectively advertises and promotes your products or services when a user downloads it.


Information Sharing: Well-adapted applications provide both general information about a product or service, such as prices, forms, news feeds, and present new promotions, offers with push notifications as a form of direct interaction with customers.


Social Engagement: Mobile applications are the engines of social life, allowing users to socialize, watch the news, and stay up-to-date, like, share, and comment on products and services through embedded social media buttons. This is not just a means of communication but a viable sales vector.


No Geographic Limits: Your services have global reach, can be accessed and processed anywhere, regardless of location.


Ready to create an application for your business? Count on us.


Rita Sousa Project Manager
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