Best companies to work for in Braga 2023

17 Nov 2022


"A young, talented and ambitious team that seeks to make a difference in developing modular and evolving technology solutions..."

The Revista Spot - "Perto da vista e do coração!" is a free magazine of great diffusion and popularity in the Braga region. It is a monthly publication, which has as its main focus of interest the District of Braga and everything that happens in it. This is our second time featuring the magazine. In the first year, the article was entitled "Technology from people for people", referring to our processes and the way our company develops its digital products from scratch.


This year the theme was "The best companies to work for in Braga 2023". We were very happy with the invitation and consideration they have for us. In this edition, Spot writes about Codepoint as a company that has "People at the top of the priorities". 


After introducing us as a software house, they describe us as "a team of professionals who translate technology into value for customers, and that have human resources at the epicenter of Codepoint's differentiating DNA". When asked about benefits and supports we give our employees we shared: "health insurance, the extra day of vacation (each employee's birthday) and the monthly bonus to use for education and technology (for example)". We also recently introduced a personal development policy that seeks to enhance professional enrichment: Readpoint, which allows employees to purchase books with an annual cap paid by the company, and Learnpoint, which consists of training courses selected by employees to develop new skills.

What we've got to say

Andreia Martins, CEO of Codepoint, ensures that every day is an opportunity to evolve, "customers and projects force us to understand different technologies and business areas. Combining both parties to create good products is one of our missions."

Élio Maria, the company's CTO, describes the collective sense of belonging where each team member assumes himself as a fundamental piece. "We don't restrict ourselves to any challenge that comes our way, which makes us always in constant learning."

Daniel Eleutério, Full Stack Developer, connected to the company since the beginning, highlights the informal environment where ideas flow as they are shared. "All projects are different and use completely different technologies, which allows evolution."

Hugo Ferreira, Junior Software Developer, at Codepoint for a year, says that "communication is key, in a company made of flexibility, proximity, mutual aid and experience in different areas."

Julia Cherhavska, Product Designer at Codepoint for over a year, says "Codepoint is a great company for people who want to make a difference. We have the opportunity to see how customers use our applications, talk to them and get real feedback and that's really enriching."

Luís Leandro, Junior Software Developer at Codepoint for a year, praises the young and ambitious team "Management makes it a point to know that we feel good about what we do and to provide us with tools to progress on a daily basis."

Miguel Pinto, Software Developer Trainee at Codepoint for seven months, says that the company allows a good career progression. "It supported my development as a software developer in what was my first professional experience."

Rita Sousa, Project Manager at Codepoint since the beginning, stresses the advantage of working with several clients from different business areas and tailored products. "Each team member is willing to embrace challenging projects and technologies."

Sofia Martins, Community Manager shares "everyone has a say, and suggestions or ideas are encouraged and valued in an essentially open and healthy professional environment that encourages continuous growth."

Sofia MartinsCommunity Manager
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