IG Filter as a Marketing Tool

17 Nov 2021


These filters can help you stand out from your competition and grow your followers. By creating a personalized experience for your audience, you’ll be creating an emotional bond with your clients, promoting your brand, and adding value to your products at the same time. All in one go.

Today we’ll explain the what, why, how, and where of this marketing trend. So, don't go anywhere.

What is an Instagram Filter?

An Instagram filter is a type of Augmented Reality or AR application that allows instagram users, with the help of their smartphones, to interact with virtual objects in their environment in real-time. There are 5 types of AR experiences:

  • Face filters;
  • Portals;
  • World effects;
  • Mini-game;
  • Image trackers.


Which one is your favorite?


Why should my brand have an Instagram Filter?
  • Instagram has over 1 billion active users for month;
  • IG is a place where business and consumers engage in a creative way;
  • ⅓ of the most viewed stories are from businesses;
  • It is a unique way to engage with your audience.


How can it help promote my business?

Each IG filter has its own link that can be shared outside the platform. When someone clicks it, it takes them directly to the IG camera with the effect already loaded. It couldn't be easier or more effective.

Where can your audience see it?

When you create your filter it will be published in your brand ig page, in a tab dedicated to it. You can add a “try it” button so users can easily see what your filter is all about. Whenever a user shares a story with your filter, it becomes accessible to their followers as well (free advertising is always a plus). Each filter has a name that can be seen in the top left corner of the screen, as well as the information of the account that it came from. 

For your IG filter to be a success, we'll have to:
  • Know the niche audience your business is targeting, to create relevant content that would interest them;
  • Plan the dynamics of the filter, how the elements will interact with the environment and the facial expressions of your audience. 


Let 's start now? By the way, don't miss the opportunity to see our own filter, already available on our Instagram.


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