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20 Oct 2022


A social learning platform that aims to improve performance, skills, and behaviors in an organizational context. 

A gap in the market

Flourister was founded by John Kuenzler, an organizational psychologist with 20 years of experience, based in Switzerland, that found a big gap in the market. For a long time, John dedicated his time to helping professionals and organizations to improve their performance, skills, and behaviors. But his experience with multiple organizations helped him conclude that there was a big issue that was constraining his work: when finished with the training people felt overwhelmed by all the work that they needed to do - with little to no time to implement the things they’ve learned.

Coming up with a solution

After identifying this issue, John decided to do extensive research on the subject for 2 years. He then came up with the idea of creating a safe space / a community where people could apply the new behaviors not only on their own but actually with the support of other people who are in the same situation. 


Above all, John believed that through this process organizational change would happen much faster and on a much shorter cycle. Flourister would allow an accelerated implementation of new leadership development as well as cultural transformation. Besides, the effects would be visible within months instead of years. Basically, it would be a social on-the-job learning platform.


This innovative approach would allow workers to receive feedback during the process of applying knowledge, improving and reflecting on subjects together and helping each other as a team.

Choosing an ideal format

John knew from the beginning he wanted a mobile app. He came to Portugal to make his vision come to life, but the first company he worked with wasn’t a match for what he intended. So he started to look in the same region and decided to meet with us. After that… we had some great discussions, and John confidently decided to trust us with the creation of an innovative app that integrated social learning networks, micro-coaching and micro-learning nuggets to build the competency, mindset and motivation needed to galvanize practical behavioral change. 


After taking a few months, considering the growth intended for the project and the technologies that were implemented we suggested a change in the tech stack used, which basically meant starting all over. With new and better technologies “I was kind of shocked at first as I had to invest all my private money in this project, but then Élio explained the reasons why starting over was better and how much easier it would be to pivote from there. I got the impression he was being very honest and open, and not making the picture nicer than it is.”

"You gave me my own team"

When asked about the main advantage of hiring a company compared to having your own team to build the product, John felt like he hired us as a company, yes. But we gave him his own team. “To me, this is the best possible case. I see you as my team, although you are hired as a company. That is what is differentiating you from other companies. Codepoint is ‘close’, familiar, we build relationships, and we always pull on the same side of the rope.”


As a team, we’ve had lots of changes along the way. We learned from our mistakes, and we evolved. Even though we are a product focus company since the beginning. Meaning that we always try to understand the client's business model and its goals, so that we can do everything in our hands to help achieve them. 


By doing so, John felt that we not only took his indications, we often asked critical questions, suggested other solutions, and other (more efficient) technologies. That is also one of the reasons why John felt we were his own team: “You shared great insights on how certain processes should work or could work better or simpler.

Near Future

As Flourister is constantly evolving, we were wondering if John would still count on Codepoint to be his provider when you have a larger scale at work… And this is what John had to say: “Sure, I wouldn't know why not. You’ve been so flexible until now, that I trust that if I would bring such a mass of work you’d be capable to answer, as you’ve been till now. Maybe you’d have to hire more people, but that’s about it.



I know I’ve made the right decision working with you, so much that I've already recommended you to several people. I’ll continue to count on you as a partner in the future”.

Sofia MartinsCommunity Manager
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