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The power of mobile apps in your business

September 6, 2021

The world at your fingertips

An overwhelming all-presence of smartphones made its way into daily life. This can be justified not only by the everyday need of it, but also because these same mobile technologies are becoming increasingly affordable and available. According to Statista, most of the data, internet included, is accessed by using a smartphone and wireless devices.

For better customer experiences, businesses view mobility as a game-changer in every type of service. They are becoming more of a business standard component of every marketing strategy, being considered the primary driver to get closer to a customer. 

The power of mobile apps is hard to underestimate: custom-designed apps paired with specific and user-friendly features have proved to contain enormous marketing power. Consumers feel good cooperating with their favorite brand on a daily basis, persuaded by the rich functionality: seamless online payments, ordering to gamification and entertainment elements.

Mobile applications can be an actual ingredient of bringing business marketing and sales development strategy to the next quality level. Companies experience impressive benefits from the ongoing engagements, because loyal customers use their app to make regular purchases, orders and also recommend the company to their contacts. Technology evolution makes it a lot easier today to develop and launch an app for business and equip it with target-specific functionalities. 

Does the investment pay off?

Investing on mobile applications really pays off as companies save time and costs for orders processing and fulfillment, receiving vital data and conforming to customers’ requests at the end of the day.

With the feedback we get from our customers and from the data I found, I decided to list the main advantages of having a mobile app for your business. In order to help you understand how it could be beneficial to you as well:

  • Brand awareness. Engaging customers with your branded application is the most likely chance to grow business with brand awareness. Regular interactions and personalized offerings make customers feel special and make them more loyal and consequently more profitable.

  • Added value for your customers. Robust apps with enhanced usability help save time and efforts considerably on processing, submitting, feedback and insights sharing. Besides, fast-performing and responsive apps make it a lot more comfortable for customers to follow the news and updates thus get better service insights.

  • Increased sales. A responsive app advocates users to instantly utilize offered services anytime and from anywhere in the world. They are a direct channel to connect with the customers and incline them to buy your products or services.

  • Marketing on-the-go. A custom app advertises and promotes your products or services in an effective timely manner when a user downloads or launches it. Your marketing strategy efficiently interpreted via modern mobility tools can help target your customers and get a better market reach.

  • Information sharing. Well-tailored apps provide both general information about a product or service, like prices, forms, news feed and also present new promotions, deals alongside push notifications as a form of direct interaction with customers.

  • Social engagement. Mobile apps are the drivers of social life. They enable users to socialize, watch the news and always be updated, to like, share and comment on products and services through embedded social media buttons. This is not merely a means of communication, but a viable sales driver for the providers.

  • No geolocation limits. Your services get a global reach, they can be accessed and processed anywhere irrespective of location.

Ready to create app app for your business? Count on us.

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