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Summer Internship 2023

August 11, 2023

Hi! We’re Mariana, Eleonora, Pedro, Duarte and Rui and we’re the members of the team of the 2023 Summer Internship programme in Codepoint. We are a multidisciplinary team, composed by one Project manager, one UX/UI Designer and three developers, so we have different backgrounds… and also different nationalities! This diversity was our first advantage in the development of the product and allowed each other to get out of our comfort zone and learn something out of our own fields.

Challenges and Objectives

The challenge that Codepoint gave us was to design and develop the Landing Page for the project Klatch. Klatch is a platform from Codepoint, created to facilitate the process of organizing events and participating in them and, the goal of the Landing Page, is to have a place where to advertise and sell this service. For us as interns, the main challenge was to measure ourselves with a real problem, a real project and a real deadline and to design and develop something that would actually work.

Our main gain instead, was to learn a lot from each other and from the Codepoint team, increase our own knowledge and… have fun together!

Internship phases

Our internship started on 3rd of July 2023 and finished on 11th of August 2023, so we had six weeks to develop our project.We had a lot of phases in the internship and sometimes they overlapped, interchanged, crossed, sometimes it was also necessary to go back a step in order to take a better step forward. Our main phases below:

  • Identify the needs and understand what a Landing Page is
  • Make a competitor research and analysis
  • Create a work plan in the platform Clickup, add all the tasks and keep them always detailed and updated
  • Take track of our meetings and create reports of them
  • Create the Information Architecture
  • Distribute the tasks among us and create the wireframes
  • Create the final design and the design system
  • Develop the Landing page
  • Test the product
  • Prepare the final presentation for Codepoint team
  • Create the case study and the blog article in the backoffice section of Codepoint website
  • Present the final product to the team!
Our product

Our project was to create a Landing Page to advertise and sell Klatch. In the Landing Page we explained all the features of the service and what the client will find if he buys it. The Landing Page was necessary for Klatch because it’s the first touchpoint that the event organizers see when they get in contact with the service and it’s also the first occasion we have to sell our product! In our landing page we have 6 main features, like downloading the app, discovering our team and seeing the price section.

But the one we’re most proud of is the customization feature. Thanks to this, after adding some basic information about the event and choosing the features that they want, all the event organizers can have a preview about how their event app will look like and also have a trustable price range.

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