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Featured in "Top Software Companies in Portugal"

February 23, 2022


It is known that advertising is a strong tool in promoting a brand. Although we have used some online ads in the past, one of the main ways we have to disseminate our brand is the famous "word of mouth" (an indirect form of advertising). 

Our 8 hours of daily work are dedicated to our clients and the projects they entrust us with. Our work methodology was designed so that all our products showed the essence of Codepoint, reflecting rigor and care. So, the best (and most effective) type of advertising we have is our clients' feedback. Besides sharing their reviews and evaluation, we know that, as they are happy with our efforts, dedication and promptness, they will recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. 


A week ago, we opened a new position for a Fullstack developer. In one of the interviews we did, we asked the candidate how he learned about us? If he researched about us and what he thinks about our work. To our surprise, the candidate told us that he applied because we were mentioned and well positioned in different (international) Rankings of Portuguese Software Development Companies. We did not anything about that. Excited, I immediately researched and quickly realized that he was refering to Visual Objects and The manifest.

Visual Objects is a platform that helps entrepreneurs find the best creative agencies. It recently created a list with the best 10 Portuguese software development companies to hire. It was based on methodologies, technologies, languages, customization, development costs, reviews and ratings of the companies and placed us in 6th place.


The manifest, a business support platform, made a bigger list (with eighty positions and based on ratings) about the "Best software developers in Portugal" and placed us on the 16th place. What a victory for a company with only 1 year, right?


Surprised, I told my (amazing) team. we were all very happy to know that our work has been recognized!

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